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Alaska Film

Weihnachten in Alaska. 1 Std. 27 Min. Kurz vor einer bedeutenden Beförderung erbt eine Frau eine Pension in Alaska. Dieser Film ist Feelgood​. Alaska Johansson: die pure Eleganz, die vollendete Schönheit, die reine Perfektion. Exquisite Kleidung, vornehmes Schuhwerk, akkurates Make-up, ein. Alaska – Die Spur des Polarbären ist ein US-amerikanischer Abenteuerfilm aus dem Jahr Regie führte Fraser Clarke Heston. Sein Vater, Charlton Heston,​.

Alaska – Die Spur des Polarbären

Alaska Johansson: die pure Eleganz, die vollendete Schönheit, die reine Perfektion. Exquisite Kleidung, vornehmes Schuhwerk, akkurates Make-up, ein. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Die jährige Sabine (​Jana Pallaske) ist neu in der Ost-Berliner Plattenbausiedlung. Über ihren Mitschüler. Alaska: Abenteuerfilm von Andy Burg/Carol Fuchs mit Charlton Heston/​Thora Birch/Dirk Benedict. Jetzt im Kino.

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ALASKA (2015) di Claudio Cupellini - Trailer Ufficiale Italiano HD

Alaska Film

Crea un libro Scarica come PDF Versione stampabile. Italiano , francese. Italia , Francia. Claudio Cupellini. Claudio Cupellini, Filippo Gravino , Guido Iuculano.

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Film profondo. During their journey they find a polar bear that helps lead them to their father. However, a poacher with a desire to capture the bear follows close behind the kids and the polar bear.

The movie was filmed primarily in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia in Canada and the city of Vancouver. It received negative reviews upon its release.

Jake Barnes Dirk Benedict is flying a plane over the Alaskan wilderness. While he is flying, he is communicating with a man named Charlie Ben Cardinal , who works for Quincy Air Service.

A polar bear cub and its mother are then shown playing in the snow, not knowing that they are being watched by a pair of poachers, Colin Perry Charlton Heston and Mr.

Koontz Duncan Fraser , and the adult bear is then shot, leaving the cub orphaned. Jessie Barnes Thora Birch and her friend Chip Ryan Kent are observing wildlife in their kayaks before her dinner.

Jessie's father Jake begins telling her where he is flying from, at what time he left that location, and his air speed.

Jessie calculates that her father is passing Devils Thumb. Jake then lands his plane on a lake, where Charlie is waiting to tie the plane up to the dock.

His son, Sean Vincent Kartheiser scolds his father for moving their family to Alaska after their mother's death. As Jake is making an emergency run, his plane's engines stall, causing him to lose control and crash in the Alaska wilderness.

Frustrated by the lack of search effort by the police, Sean and Jessie go out to find their father on their own.

As they kayak through the chilly waters of the Gulf of Alaska, they stop to rest on a beach. They soon realize that the shore is home to a poachers' camp.

They then discover the skin of a polar bear and the young polar bear from earlier, that has been locked in a cage. They let the polar bear run free, hoping that it will save itself.

It continues to offer one of the last flag stop routes in the country. Until construction of the Parks Highway in the s, the railroad provided the only land access to most of the region along its entire route.

In northern Southeast Alaska, the White Pass and Yukon Route also partly runs through the state from Skagway northwards into Canada British Columbia and Yukon Territory , crossing the border at White Pass Summit.

This line is now mainly used by tourists, often arriving by cruise liner at Skagway. It was featured in the BBC television series Great Little Railways.

The Alaska Rail network is not connected to Outside. The nearest link to the North American railway network is the northwest terminus of the Canadian National Railway at Prince Rupert, British Columbia , several hundred miles to the southeast.

In , the U. Some private companies provides car float service between Whittier and Seattle. Many cities, towns and villages in the state do not have road or highway access; the only modes of access involve travel by air, river, or the sea.

Alaska's well-developed state-owned ferry system known as the Alaska Marine Highway serves the cities of southeast , the Gulf Coast and the Alaska Peninsula.

The ferries transport vehicles as well as passengers. The system also operates a ferry service from Bellingham, Washington and Prince Rupert, British Columbia , in Canada through the Inside Passage to Skagway.

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority also serves as an important marine link for many communities in the Prince of Wales Island region of Southeast and works in concert with the Alaska Marine Highway.

In recent years, cruise lines have created a summertime tourism market, mainly connecting the Pacific Northwest to Southeast Alaska and, to a lesser degree, towns along Alaska's gulf coast.

The population of Ketchikan for example fluctuates dramatically on many days—up to four large cruise ships can dock there at the same time.

Cities not served by road, sea, or river can be reached only by air, foot, dogsled, or snowmachine, accounting for Alaska's extremely well developed bush air services—an Alaskan novelty.

Anchorage and, to a lesser extent Fairbanks, is served by many major airlines. Because of limited highway access, air travel remains the most efficient form of transportation in and out of the state.

Anchorage recently completed extensive remodeling and construction at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to help accommodate the upsurge in tourism in —, Alaska received almost two million visitors.

Regular flights to most villages and towns within the state that are commercially viable are challenging to provide, so they are heavily subsidized by the federal government through the Essential Air Service program.

Alaska Airlines is the only major airline offering in-state travel with jet service sometimes in combination cargo and passenger Boeing s from Anchorage and Fairbanks to regional hubs like Bethel , Nome , Kotzebue , Dillingham , Kodiak , and other larger communities as well as to major Southeast and Alaska Peninsula communities.

The bulk of remaining commercial flight offerings come from small regional commuter airlines such as Ravn Alaska , PenAir , and Frontier Flying Service.

The smallest towns and villages must rely on scheduled or chartered bush flying services using general aviation aircraft such as the Cessna Caravan , the most popular aircraft in use in the state.

Much of this service can be attributed to the Alaska bypass mail program which subsidizes bulk mail delivery to Alaskan rural communities. Many communities have small air taxi services.

These operations originated from the demand for customized transport to remote areas. Perhaps the most quintessentially Alaskan plane is the bush seaplane.

The world's busiest seaplane base is Lake Hood , located next to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, where flights bound for remote villages without an airstrip carry passengers, cargo, and many items from stores and warehouse clubs.

In Alaska had the highest number of pilots per capita of any U. Another Alaskan transportation method is the dogsled.

In modern times that is, any time after the mid-late s , dog mushing is more of a sport than a true means of transportation.

The race commemorates the famous serum run to Nome in which mushers and dogs like Togo and Balto took much-needed medicine to the diphtheria -stricken community of Nome when all other means of transportation had failed.

Mushers from all over the world come to Anchorage each March to compete for cash, prizes, and prestige. The "Serum Run" is another sled dog race that more accurately follows the route of the famous relay, leaving from the community of Nenana southwest of Fairbanks to Nome.

In areas not served by road or rail, primary transportation in summer is by all-terrain vehicle and in winter by snowmobile or "snow machine", as it is commonly referred to in Alaska.

Alaska's internet and other data transport systems are provided largely through the two major telecommunications companies: GCI and Alaska Communications.

GCI owns and operates what it calls the Alaska United Fiber Optic system [] and as of late Alaska Communications advertised that it has "two fiber optic paths to the lower 48 and two more across Alaska.

Like all other U. The state of Alaska employs approximately 16, people statewide. The Alaska Legislature consists of a member House of Representatives and a member Senate.

Senators serve four-year terms and House members two. The governor of Alaska serves four-year terms.

The lieutenant governor runs separately from the governor in the primaries , but during the general election, the nominee for governor and nominee for lieutenant governor run together on the same ticket.

Alaska's court system has four levels: the Alaska Supreme Court , the Alaska Court of Appeals , the superior courts and the district courts.

The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals are appellate courts. The Court of Appeals is required to hear appeals from certain lower-court decisions, including those regarding criminal prosecutions, juvenile delinquency, and habeas corpus.

Although in its early years of statehood Alaska was a Democratic state, since the early s it has been characterized as Republican -leaning.

Alaska Natives , while organized in and around their communities, have been active within the Native corporations. These have been given ownership over large tracts of land, which require stewardship.

Alaska was formerly the only state in which possession of one ounce or less of marijuana in one's home was completely legal under state law, though the federal law remains in force.

The state has an independence movement favoring a vote on secession from the United States, with the Alaskan Independence Party.

Six Republicans and four Democrats have served as governor of Alaska. In addition, Republican governor Wally Hickel was elected to the office for a second term in after leaving the Republican party and briefly joining the Alaskan Independence Party ticket just long enough to be reelected.

He officially rejoined the Republican party in Alaska's voter initiative making marijuana legal took effect on February 24, , placing Alaska alongside Colorado and Washington as the first three U.

The new law means people over 21 can consume small amounts of pot. To finance state government operations, Alaska depends primarily on petroleum revenues and federal subsidies.

This allows it to have the lowest individual tax burden in the United States. The Department also issues an annual summary of its operations, including new state laws that directly affect the tax division.

In the Tax Foundation ranked Alaska as having the fourth most "business friendly" tax policy, behind only Wyoming , South Dakota , and Nevada.

While Alaska has no state sales tax, 89 municipalities collect a local sales tax, from 1. Other local taxes levied include raw fish taxes, hotel, motel, and bed-and-breakfast 'bed' taxes, severance taxes , liquor and tobacco taxes, gaming pull tabs taxes, tire taxes and fuel transfer taxes.

A part of the revenue collected from certain state taxes and license fees such as petroleum, aviation motor fuel, telephone cooperative is shared with municipalities in Alaska.

The fall in oil prices after the fracking boom in the early s has decimated Alaska's state treasury, which has historically received about 85 percent of its revenue from taxes and fees imposed on oil and gas companies.

Alaska regularly supports Republicans in presidential elections and has done so since statehood. Republicans have won the state's electoral college votes in all but one election that it has participated in No state has voted for a Democratic presidential candidate fewer times.

Alaska was carried by Democratic nominee Lyndon B. Johnson during his landslide election in , while the and elections were close.

Since , however, Republicans have carried the state by large margins. In , Republican John McCain defeated Democrat Barack Obama in Alaska, McCain's running mate was Sarah Palin , the state's governor and the first Alaskan on a major party ticket.

The Alaska Bush , central Juneau, midtown and downtown Anchorage, and the areas surrounding the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus and Ester have been strongholds of the Democratic Party.

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough, the majority of Fairbanks including North Pole and the military base , and South Anchorage typically have the strongest Republican showing.

In the election cycle, Alaskan voters approved Ballot Measure 2. The measure passed by a margin of 1. The measure also establishes non-partisan blanket primaries for statewide elections like in Washington state and California and ranked-choice voting like in Maine.

The first race to use the new system of elections will be the Senate election in which Lisa Murkowski will run for re-election. Mike Dunleavy , Governor.

Kevin Meyer , Lieutenant Governor. Lisa Murkowski , senior United States Senator. Dan Sullivan , junior United States Senator.

Don Young , United States Representative at-large. Alaska is not divided into counties , as most of the other U. However, unlike county-equivalents in the other 49 states, the boroughs do not cover the entire land area of the state.

The area not part of any borough is referred to as the Unorganized Borough. The Unorganized Borough has no government of its own, but the U. Census Bureau in cooperation with the state divided the Unorganized Borough into 11 census areas solely for the purposes of statistical analysis and presentation.

The state is divided into 34 recording districts which are centrally administered under a State Recorder. All recording districts use the same acceptance criteria, fee schedule, etc.

Whereas many U. Owing to the low population density, most of the land is located in the Unorganized Borough. As the name implies, it has no intermediate borough government but is administered directly by the state government.

In , Anchorage merged the city government with the Greater Anchorage Area Borough in to form the Municipality of Anchorage, containing the city proper and the communities of Eagle River, Chugiak, Peters Creek, Girdwood, Bird, and Indian.

Fairbanks has a separate borough the Fairbanks North Star Borough and municipality the City of Fairbanks. The state's most populous city is Anchorage , home to , people in , , of whom live in the urbanized area.

As reflected in the United States Census , Alaska has a total of incorporated cities and census-designated places CDPs.

The majority of these communities are located in the rural expanse of Alaska known as " The Bush " and are unconnected to the contiguous North American road network.

The table at the bottom of this section lists the largest cities and census-designated places in Alaska, in population order. Of Alaska's Census population figure of ,, 20, people, or 2.

Approximately three-quarters of that figure were people who live in urban and suburban neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city limits of Ketchikan, Kodiak, Palmer and Wasilla.

The remaining population was scattered throughout Alaska, both within organized boroughs and in the Unorganized Borough , in largely remote areas.

The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development administers many school districts in Alaska. In addition, the state operates a boarding school, Mt.

Edgecumbe High School in Sitka , and provides partial funding for other boarding schools, including Nenana Student Living Center in Nenana and The Galena Interior Learning Academy in Galena.

There are more than a dozen colleges and universities in Alaska. Accredited universities in Alaska include the University of Alaska Anchorage , University of Alaska Fairbanks , University of Alaska Southeast , and Alaska Pacific University.

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development operates AVTEC, Alaska's Institute of Technology. Alaska has had a problem with a " brain drain ".

Many of its young people, including most of the highest academic achievers, leave the state after high school graduation and do not return.

As of [update] , Alaska did not have a law school or medical school. The Alaska State Troopers are Alaska's statewide police force.

They have a long and storied history, but were not an official organization until Before the force was officially organized, law enforcement in Alaska was handled by various federal agencies.

Larger towns usually have their own local police and some villages rely on "Public Safety Officers" who have police training but do not carry firearms.

In much of the state, the troopers serve as the only police force available. In addition to enforcing traffic and criminal law, wildlife Troopers enforce hunting and fishing regulations.

Due to the varied terrain and wide scope of the Troopers' duties, they employ a wide variety of land, air, and water patrol vehicles.

Many rural communities in Alaska are considered "dry", having outlawed the importation of alcoholic beverages. Domestic abuse and other violent crimes are also at high levels in the state; this is in part linked to alcohol abuse.

The average age of sexually assaulted victims is 16 years old. In four out of five cases, the suspects were relatives, friends or acquaintances.

Some of Alaska's popular annual events are the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race from Anchorage to Nome, World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, the Blueberry Festival and Alaska Hummingbird Festival in Ketchikan , the Sitka Whale Fest, and the Stikine River Garnet Fest in Wrangell.

The Stikine River attracts the largest springtime concentration of American bald eagles in the world. The Alaska Native Heritage Center celebrates the rich heritage of Alaska's 11 cultural groups.

Their purpose is to encourage cross-cultural exchanges among all people and enhance self-esteem among Native people. The Alaska Native Arts Foundation promotes and markets Native art from all regions and cultures in the State, using the internet.

Influences on music in Alaska include the traditional music of Alaska Natives as well as folk music brought by later immigrants from Russia and Europe.

The Man. There are many established music festivals in Alaska, including the Alaska Folk Festival , the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival] the Anchorage Folk Festival, the Athabascan Old-Time Fiddling Festival , the Sitka Jazz Festival, and the Sitka Summer Music Festival.

The most prominent orchestra in Alaska is the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra , though the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra and Juneau Symphony are also notable.

The Anchorage Opera is currently the state's only professional opera company, though there are several volunteer and semi-professional organizations in the state as well.

The official state song of Alaska is " Alaska's Flag ", which was adopted in ; it celebrates the flag of Alaska.

Alaska's first independent picture entirely made in Alaska was The Chechahcos , produced by Alaskan businessman Austin E. Lathrop and filmed in and around Anchorage.

Released in by the Alaska Moving Picture Corporation, it was the only film the company made. In an expedition set out from MGM 's studios in Hollywood to Alaska to film what was then billed as "The Biggest Picture Ever Made".

Upon arriving in Alaska, they set up "Camp Hollywood" in Northwest Alaska, where they lived during the duration of the filming.

Louis B. Mayer spared no expense in spite of the remote location, going so far as to hire the chef from the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood to prepare meals.

When Eskimo premiered at the Astor Theatre in New York City, the studio received the largest amount of feedback in its history. Eskimo was critically acclaimed and released worldwide; as a result, Mala became an international movie star.

Eskimo won the first Oscar for Best Film Editing at the Academy Awards, and showcased and preserved aspects of Inupiat culture on film. The Disney movie Never Cry Wolf was at least partially shot in Alaska.

The film White Fang , based on Jack London 's novel and starring Ethan Hawke , was filmed in and around Haines. Steven Seagal 's On Deadly Ground , starring Michael Caine , was filmed in part at the Worthington Glacier near Valdez.

The psychological thriller Insomnia , starring Al Pacino and Robin Williams , was shot in Canada, but was set in Alaska. The film directed by Sean Penn, Into The Wild , was partially filmed and set in Alaska.

The film, which is based on the novel of the same name, follows the adventures of Christopher McCandless , who died in a remote abandoned bus along the Stampede Trail west of Healy in Many films and television shows set in Alaska are not filmed there; for example, Northern Exposure , set in the fictional town of Cicely, Alaska, was filmed in Roslyn, Washington.

The horror feature 30 Days of Night is set in Barrow, Alaska [note 1] , but was filmed in New Zealand. Many reality television shows are filmed in Alaska.

In the Anchorage Daily News found ten set in the state. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. State of the United States of America.

This article is about the State of Alaska. For other uses, see Alaska disambiguation. For other uses, see Alaskan disambiguation.

State in the United States. Lisa Murkowski R Dan Sullivan R. Denali [1]. English Land: Moose Marine: Bowhead whale. Interactive map showing border of Alaska click to zoom.

Main article: Geography of Alaska. Main article: South Central Alaska. Main article: Southeast Alaska. Main article: Alaska Interior.

Main article: Southwest Alaska. Main article: Alaska North Slope. Main article: Aleutian Islands. See also: Wildlife of Alaska.

Main article: List of lakes in Alaska. Main article: Climate of Alaska. Main articles: Prehistory of Alaska and History of Alaska.

Main article: Alaska Natives. Main articles: Russian America , Department of Alaska , District of Alaska , Fairbanks Gold Rush , Kobuk River Stampede , and Nome Gold Rush.

See also: Alaska Statehood Act , Admission to the Union , and List of U. Main article: Alaska earthquake.

Main article: Demographics of Alaska. Further information: Alaska Native languages. See also: Alaska Native religion. ChangePoint in south Anchorage left and Anchorage Baptist Temple in east Anchorage right are Alaska's largest churches in terms of attendance and membership.

Main article: Economy of Alaska. See also: Alaska locations by per capita income and List of Alaska companies. Oversized vegetables on display at the Alaska State Fair left and the Tanana Valley State Fair right.

Main article: Transportation in Alaska. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. See also: List of Alaska Routes. Main article: Government of Alaska.

Main article: Politics of Alaska.

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: Alaska Film Komdienstadel, Alaska Film Limettenabrieb. - Filmhandlung und Hintergrund

Alaska Johansson: die pure Eleganz, die vollendete Schönheit, die reine Perfektion.
Alaska Film
Alaska Film


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